Thursday , November 15 2018
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Bizenjo demands immediate investigation of the affairs in the FUU

 Senator Mir Hasil Khan BizenjoLahore: Chief of the National Party (NP) Senator Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo has asked the President and Prime Minister so save the Federal Urdu University from destruction.

In a statement issued here today, he asked President Mammon Hussain and PM Nawaz Sharif to look into the affairs of the university and play their constitutional role to save the institution plagued by nepotism and corruption.

The Senator said that Vice Chancellor of the university has paralysed the institution and started victimising those educators who raise voice against rampant corruption.

Demanding immediate investigation of the affairs in the Federal Urdu University by NAB and FIA, Mir Hasil Bizenjo said that deterioration in the institution will damage the educational system across the country. He said that a self-serving bad has taken over the university to plunder its resources for personal benefits that cannot be allowed as future of our new generation is at stake.

He noted that the university is facing severe administrative and financial crisis since the appointment of the vice chancellor resulting in institutionalised corruption, incompetent and inefficient administration and financial scams.

Despite hue and cry the VN has blatantly used his official position for personal advantages. He had appointed his friends and family members on key administrative and academic posts bulldozing law, merit and transparency.

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