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PAT writes WTO against the appointment of Dr Toqeer

letter 3Lahore: Pakistan Awami Tehreek has written a letter to the office bearers of World Trade Organization against the appointment of Dr Toqeer as an Ambassador stating that he is an accused in a murder case of 14 people and do not fulfill the requirement as an Ambassador.

The letter was issued by the president PAT Raheeq Abbasi to apprise the unsuitability and unfortunate background of the nominee.

Dr Raheeq Abbasi said that on 17th of June 2014 an armed operation was conducted in Minhaj ul Quran in which 14 people had been killed and more than 100 injured.

Then Dr Toqeer Shah was the principal secretary to CM Punjab and was coordinating with the field officers on behalf of CM Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif.After three days on 20th of June he was removed on public pressure.

Dr Shah has zero experience of commerce and trade but he was appointed Ambassador only to reward him for a key player of Model Town Massacre.His appointment should be turned down on our request as an aggrieved party,Dr Abbasi prayed in the end.

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