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ATA sentenced Gullo Butt in vehicle damaging case

Gullo BUttLahore: Anti Terrorists Court has sentenced Gullo Butt for spreading terror by breaking cars on 17th of June.The Court has awarded 11years prison along with one lakh and ten thousand fine.The court has observed that due to Gullo Butt’s action Pakistan earned a bad name throughout the world.

Gullo Butt has said I did not involve in any terrorist act,whole media was my witness,I have full confidence on the courts but the Almighty would provide me justice ,he added after being sentenced.

Gullo Butt’s lawyer has said that we honoured the courts verdict and would appeal against the decision in Supreme court within this week.Police had trapped Gullo Butt in a false case as he never fired if he did where was the gun he used? he questioned.

It was not a justice that only Gullo Butt was punished where were the police officer who encouraged him for breaking the 3 cars.It never happened in history of law that an accused was sentence such a long prison for damaging three cars,he added.

PAT leader Raheeq Abbasi  said we never demanded the punishment for Gullo Butt for breaking cars rather we demanded sentence for the murderers who martyred our 14 people,he added.

Raheeq Abbasi said justice can not be done till the murderers are arrested.

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