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Islamabad turns into battlefield after mob attacked at Presidency

Ch Nisar Ali Khan visiting Red Zone Lahore: Islamabad has turned into battlefield after mob attacked at Presidency.The revolutionaries after the call of their spiritual leader Allama Dr Tahir ul Qadri started marching towards the PM house at around 9-30pm ,police gave them path to move on but suddenly protesters tried to entered into presidency then Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan reached the Red Zone and ordered to stop the protesters and himself lead the operation to evacuate the Red Zone.Police fired teargas, rubber bullets and baton charged to disperse the mob.

At least 79 people injured in Islamabad clash, 60 people were taken to Polyclinic and 19 at PIMS. MajoIslamabad clash 1Islamabad clash3protesters enter Parliament House compoundMasked men use slingshots to attack security personnelrity have head injuries and injuries from tear gas shelling.

The revolutionaries replied the police force in the same language and their Masked men use slingshots to attack security forces. After media reports about injuries to women and kids ,police stopped the use of force and enhance tear gas shelling causing women and kids falling unconscious.

At around 1 am protesters wear gas-masks and hold sticks entered in the Parliament house after breaking the main gate. PAT supporters have set fire to unidentified objects as police personnel continue to disperse crowds with tear gas.

Federal Minister Khawaja Asif and Ch Nisar Ali Khan said that was that peaceful march taking the Presidency gate to capture State Buildings. They said no one will be allowed to cross Red-line and Red Zone would be freed from the protesters in two hours.

IG Islamabad has ordered for the arrest of the Allama Dr Tahir ul Qadri who was in his bullet proof vehicle that was being shielded by the women and kids.

Imran Khan said People can protest outside the Prime Minister House of Britain but Autocratic Badshah Nawaz thinks himself above everything,he announced countrywide protest and mourning black day tomorrow

MQM Quaid Altaf Hussain has asked PM Nawaz Sharif to step down to end the crisis.

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