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Dozens of PTI workers demand PM resignation in a sit-in outside Punjab Assembly

PTI sit-in outside PALahore:Even after prime minister taunting comments upon PTI sit-in “Imran Khan addresses empty chairs at sit-in”,PTI Lahore too despite its tall claims could not fill the empty chairs.

Though the organizers have arranged sitting of around hundred people but unfortunately they could not bring enough people with them to fill these chairs.

PTI workers were chanting slogans for prime minister resignation and go Nawaz go with zeal but their voice neither could reach to Punjab Assembly nor to PM House in Jati Umra but TV channels help them and give live coverage to the sit-in so their voice could be listened to power corridor. PTI sit-in 30-8-14 Aleem Khan is talking to media at sit-in

Before reaching the PTI workers to Charing Cross chowk,police cordoned off the both sides of the Mall Road but after seeing the number of protesters,they opened the one side of the road to move on the traffic.

PTI Punjab secretary general Dr Yasmeen Rashid,president Lahore Aleem Khan,MPA Sadia Sohail Rana and other leaders made tall claims while talking to media and said they were fighting for justice since 14 months,they went to courts,election tribunal,election commission but none provide them justice and they ere being forced to come on the roads to get justice and will continue their protest till the Prime Minister resign as justice could not be done till the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is in power,he will have to resign for ensuring justice,they added.

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