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Western civilization has attacked at Islamabad: Molana Fazal ur Rehman

Molana Fazal ur RehmanLahore: JUI-F chief Molana Fazal ur Rehman has blamed that western civilization attacked at Islamabad,musical concerts and dancing in public sit-in made the lives of the residents a misery.Vulgarity is like a hen who eats shit and keeps her mouth up.

While addressing a press conference in Peshawar,Molana Fazal ur Rehman said PTI made govt in KP through rigging,beware of challenging us otherwise everyone knows our power,we have organized 10 hundred times big public gatherings and rallies then PTI in Lahore,Karachi and in Sukkhar.

JUI-F chief said if  system can not run if everyone takes five thousand people to Islamabad and give sit-in for change of government. He said Army is an institution and its people are more sensible,if I asked the worker then the world will see how they clean the mess,Molana Fazal ur Rehman maintained.

He said those people who do not know the political behaviour,diplomatic language are talking to come into power.Those who called them liberal are behaving like the extremists,a committee has been formed for electoral reforms on the demands of protesters,political forces are united and the people who given sit-in ,are alone,he added.

Molana Fazal ur Rehman said that number of people have died in Peshawar due to storm,their families are mourning and the rulers are busy in dancing in Islamabad,if they continue their unbearable attitude then no one could stop the masses to go to Islamabad,he concluded.


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