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Hamza Shahbaz fixes prices of poultry products in Punjab: Allama Dr Tahir ul Qadri

Allama dr Tahir ul QadriLahore: PAt chief Allama Dr Tahir ul Qadri has accused that CM Punjab son and central leader of PMl-N Hamza Shahbaz fixes the rates of chicken and eggs in Punjab after coming into power since years.He said from the time when Hamza Shahbaz entered in poultry business,the cheap meat has gone out of reach of  poor.

It was not talk of long ago when poor can buy and eat chicken and eggs but till the day the CM’s son came in this business this product has out of reach of the masses. When the rulers were busy in doing business how can administration take action against them?,Dr questioned.

He said if today Hamza Shahbaz left this business,the poultry products ‘s price would be down and come into the reach of the masses again

Dr Qadri while lashing the Sharif family said they were so much cruel that they had sent contaminated water for the participants of the sit-ins.Many children have been fainted after taking this contaminated water,he added.

PAT chief directed he revolutionaries that should not drink the water being sent in official containers .He said that Workers were falling ill after drinking this water.He said Sharif’s have double standard  when they staged sit in it was as per law and when their opponents gave sit-in it becomes against law,I asked them when Sharif brothers staged sit-ins, which court did they seek permission from?

Meanwhile interior minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan has dismissed the Dr Qadri allegation about contaminated water being sent in official containers and said If we had sent contaminated water then sit-in participants wouldn’t have danced all night along.

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