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Umpire will hold his finger on Saturday : Imran Khan

Imran meeting SBALahore: PTI chief Imran Khan has claimed that umpire will hold his finger on Saturday and Sharif’s have to go to pavilion.While addressing to the participants on Thursday,Imran Khan said ,Nawaz Sharif innings has been over now.Nawaz Sharif has to resign otherwise I am here till my last breath,I will give sit in even all the people go back to their home. He said I know police is putting barriers on the way to close the twin cities  ,the people try to reach at sit in if they fail to reach they give sit in,where they are,he directed to PTI workers.

Imran khan said that if any cop hold his hand on any of my worker,I will send the IG behind the bar.Police should not harass the marchers and should not listen to their IG ‘s illegal orders as they are answerable to Allah not to the IG police.

Imran Khan did not pointed out who was umpire in this game of politics.

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