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Suspension of power supply to Punjab from Tarbela would be mutiny to the federation: CM Punjab

CM PUNJAB Shahbaz SharifLahore: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that the threat by the leadership of Tehrik-e-Insaf pertaining to suspension of power supply to Punjab from Tarbela tantamount to enmity with the nation and had any minister of his cabinet issued such a statement, he would have shut him up. He said that Pakistan needs unity and harmony between provinces at this stage rather than dissension. He said that those promoting parochial differences are doing no service to Pakistan.

He was talking to a delegation of assembly members of Pakistan Muslim League-N, here today. The Chief Minister said that the talk of suspending supply of electricity to Punjab from Tarbela is totally against national interest. He said that those making such comments in the existing circumstances, are trying to create differences between the provinces which is not proper. He said that Pakistan is the common country of all its citizens and the founding fathers of the country had rendered innumerable sacrifices for its creation.

Shahbaz Sharif said that the statement of Tehrik-e-Insaf leader Imran Khan about civil disobedience has exposed his designs and it is an evil conspiracy to destroy national economy. The Chief Minister said that he had been pointing out from the day one that the real target of long march is to damage national economy and development programmes of Muslim League-N government.

He said that only enemies of Pakistan can be happy over the statement regarding civil disobedience. He said that it was not the ‘biggest announcement’ of Imran Khan’s life but his biggest U-turn and the whole nation has unanimously rejected the call for civil disobedience as it was totally illegal and unconstitutional. He said that the fate of Imran Khan’s announcement of civil disobedience will not be different from that of his long march and sit-in. Shahbaz Sharif said time has proved that it is through dialogue and not deadline and ultimatum that issues are resolved in politics.

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