Wednesday , July 18 2018
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People will not be hoodwinked by attractive slogans :Provincial ministers

Syed Haroon Sultan Bukhari,Iqbal channerLahore: Provincial Ministers Syed Haroon Sultan Bukhari and Malik Iqbal Channer have said that the government is utilizing all its resources for the provision of basic facilities to the people. They said that people have given mandate of five years to the government. They said that PML-N government will put the country on the road to progress by resolving all the issues.

They expressed these views while talking to party workers today. They said that the mission of the government is to strengthen democracy and democratic institutions.

They said that had PTI any practical programme, it would have enforced in KPK so far. They said that now people will not be hoodwinked by attractive slogans and will continue to work for the supremacy of law, upholding constitution and strengthening of democratic institutions. They also asked opposition to wait for five years and play its role for strengthening the democratic institutions in the country.

They said that Punjab government is working on projects for generating electricity through coal, biomass, bagasse, solar, hydle and biogas for removing the shortage of electricity in the province. They said that agriculture is the backbone of our economy.

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