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Opposition stands with government to save democracy: Khurshid Shah

Khursheed ShahkhursheedLahore:  PPP central leader and opposition leader Khurshid Shah has said that Opposition will stands with government to save democracy.While talking to media with Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Siraj ul Haq,Sayed Khursheed Shah said no one will be allowed to cause any damage to democracy,such an agenda should be formed which is acceptable for government.

He directed the PPP MNAs to ensure their presence in tomorrow’s NA session and said Parliament is best forum to settle issues,Opposition stands with democracy and want to keep the assembly intact, he added.

On the occasion,Siraj ul Haq said government to come forward with open heart for dialogue with PAT and PTI,this is the democracy.People are sitting on the trees and protesting on the roads for their demands and it is government duty to bring them for table talk,he added.

Siraj ul Haq said that political issues should be settled with political ways,army should not intervene,if they come ,Jamaat-e-Islami will stand before them for the protection the democracy.
JI chief vowed that We won’t allow anyone to break the constitution at any cost.Siraj ul Haq said the constitution has put together all different nationalities and sects but some people want dead bodies in Islamabad.

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