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People being forced to start civil disobedience Movement: Mian Mehmood

People being forced to start civil disobedience Movement Mian MehmoodLahore:  The Punjab government has failed to protect the life and properties of the people of the province; hence the Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif must resign immediately. This was demanded by the leader of the opposition in the Punjab Assembly while addressing a crowded press conference along with members of provincial assembly punjab Dr.Murad Rass, sahabzada mumtaz maharvi,Sadia sohail,Ahmed ali, Shaneela Roat, Rana sajid and Rana Akhtar  at the Lahore Press Club here on Saturday.

He said the Punjab government does not know what to do and it seems that the government will be sent packing even before the 14th of August. Commenting on the recent statements of Punjab Law Minister Rana Mashood, the Opposition Leader said that before speaking and pointing fingers at others he should realize that he will be held accountable for the millions of rupees plundered in the name of Punjab Youth Festival. He warned the Punjab Law Minister to take the name of their leader Imran Khan with respect, otherwise held will find it hard to hide in Punjab.
Mian Mehmood ur Rashid said that because the people of Model Town voted for the Tehreek-e-Insaf that is why they are being punished. He warned the police to release the illegally impounded motorcycles otherwise the PTI workers will start giving sit-ins in front of police stations and the PTI task force will get the motorcycles released themselves and the responsibility will then be on the shoulders of the police if any untoward incident occurs.
The Opposition Leader in Punjab demanded the Punjab Governor to immediately call a session of the Punjab Assembly to discuss the deteriorating law and order situation of the province. He said shutting down petrol pumps and placing containers to block road will never stop the ‘Azadi March’ of PTI. He said millions of PTI workers have already left for Islamabad to join the ‘Azadi March.’ And for the rest, he said, we will reach Islamabad even if we have to walk.
To a question the Opposition Leader in Punjab said that he had tried to contact the IG police several time to ask him to put a check on the increasing police-sponsored terrorism on the PTI workers. He said no other police officer is ready to hear the vows of PTI workers. He said this will lead to civil disobedience if the PTI workers start taking the law into their own hands. And if this happens the police and the Punjab Government will be responsible for the circumstances that follow.
Regarding the recounting in 4 to 10 constituencies, Mian Mehmood ur Rashid said no talk in this regard are in progress with the government and all such news are part of a big disinformation campaign being pursued by the government.  He said now whatever talks that take place will be held in Islamabad and that too under the leadership of Imran Khan and nobody else.
He said that Model Town has been cut from the rest of the city and likewise different districts have also been cut from the rest of the country where roadblocks have been set up by the Punjab Government in a unsuccessful bid to block the ‘Azadi March.’ He said workers are being fired upon and one can understand how the government had planned to celebrate the Independence Month by snatching the rights of the citizen and making their lives miserable, unlivable and unbearable. He said the inhumane attitude of the government will lead to a massive rise in the number of people who attend the ‘Azadi March’ as now not only the PTI workers but the whole of the nation is sick and tired of the barbaric attitude of the rulers and everyone seems to be ready and wants to join the ‘Azadi March.’
The Opposition Leaders said what public service is the Chief Minister performing by showering sticks on them at the hands of the police and by placing them under arrest and by taking away the ‘Dopattas’ (Head scarfs)  of the womenfolk. He said Punjab seems to under civil martial law and that too in the month when Pakistan celebrates its independence. He questioned that when will our courts act and when will human rights organizations take notice of all these acts of the Punjab government. He said that the Punjab government is sadly mistaken if it thinks that it can change the mindset of the PTI workers and stop the ‘Azadi March’ by state and police power. He said millions of PTI workers will march on Islamabad on the 14th of August to put an end to the monarch rule in Pakistan.

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