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Non-political elements want to create chaos in the country : Shahbaz Sharif

CM PUNJABLahore: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that Pakistan has achieved after numerous sacrifices and the nation is celebrating 68th Independence Day this year but it is highly lamentable that this important day of the history of Pakistan is being made controversial and efforts are being made to destabilize the motherland. He said that some political and non-political elements are endeavouring to push the country into darkness for achieving their nefarious designs. He said that people are fully aware of these elements and will not allow them to succeed in their designs of derailing the country from the path of development.

He was talking to various delegations of PML-N, here today. Shahbaz Sharif said that people of Pakistan have given mandate of five years to PML-N which should be respected. He said that PML-N will honor its mandate and rid the country of all problems and put it on the road to progress. He said that PML-N government has started a new era of development throughout the country during last one year and mega projects of infrastructure and energy are being completed speedily.

The Chief Minister said that we have set records of public service. He said that service to the people and their welfare does not suit to the protesting elements, that is why, they want to create lawlessness and confrontation in the country. He said the enemies of the development of country do not want that investment should be promoted in the country and public welfare projects be completed.

Shahbaz Sharif said that PML-N government is determined to purge the country of the menace of corruption and solid steps have been taken in this regard. He said that no scam of corruption came to surface during PML-N era and there is no allegation of corruption against us. He said that our opponents cannot level allegation of corruption of even a single penny against us.

Shahbaz Sharif said that protection of life and property of the people and maintenance of law and order is responsibility of the government and every necessary step for the maintenance of peace will be taken in accordance with the law and the constitution. He said that making women and children as shield for the achievement of nefarious designs is neither politics nor humanity. He said that non-political elements want to create despondency and chaos in the country. He said that nation wants to know the real objectives behind the long march and sit-ins.

The Chief Minster said those launching long march and sit-ins do not want that country should be put on the road to progress and prosperity. He said that 18 crore people will foil the conspiracies against the development of country. He said that those who got waived off loans of billions of rupees are raising slogans of revolution today. He said that the former rulers of Punjab looted the hard-earned money of the poor nation ruthlessly during dictatorial era, promoted nepotism, violated law and merit and now they are raising slogans of revolution by joining hand with a non-political person. He said that people are fully aware of the reality of these people and will not allow them to create hindrances in the way of development.

Shahbaz Sharif said that armed forces are fighting the war of survival of the country and the entire nation is praying for their success. He said that the country cannot afford confrontation in the present situation, therefore, those creating chaos in the country should take pity on the country and the nation. He said that this is not the time of negative politics rather it is high time to keep the morale of the officers and jawans of Pak Army up fighting against terrorists.

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