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Nation is daily seeing the real face of Tahir-ul-Qadri: Rana Mashud

Lahore: Provincial Minister for Law Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan has said success of National Security Conference has proved that all political forces are standing with Pakistan Muslim League-N and opponents have become politically isolated. He said that political dwarfs are seeing their defeat. He said that this success is not of any political party but the victory of the people and the constitution of Pakistan.Minister Law

Addressing a press conference at 90-SQA Lahore, Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan declared it a good omen that Maulana Tahir-ul-Qadri has withdrawn the call of gathering of its workers at Model Town Lahore on the occasion of Yume Shohda on August 10 and directed to hold Quran Khawani in their respective areas. He said that if Tahir-ul-Qadri considers himself as a responsible citizen then why is afraid of arrest and has hidden himself under the garb of women and children. He said that if he has to do politics than he should come out and face the law. He should also be aware of the reward and punishment of which he has done, Rana Mashhood added.

He said that instead of threatening the government, Tahir-ul-Qadri should accept this fact that in which country he comes to spend his holidays, its law will also be applicable to him like other citizens of Pakistan. He said that no one can be allowed to take law into his hand. He said that the video footage of those people is available with the government who has injured hundreds of police officials through violence and martyred a jawan of Elite force in Gujranwala by breaking his arms and legs.Minister Law 2

The Minister said that we are going to register cases of terrorism, attempting murder and interference in government business against the mischievous elements and they will be brought before the court. Rana Mashhood said that democratic system has defeated Chaudhary brothers who had become prime minister while sitting in the lap of one master and deputy prime minister by sitting in the lap of other master and it has proved that these political dwarfs cannot move without masters. He regretted that people have to face difficulties temporarily due to containers placed as protective measures in Lahore and other cities of Punjab and are thankful to those people who supported the government for the maintenance of law and order. He said that the decision of suspending the supply of petrol for the people has not made by the government but supply line of oil tankers was temporarily suspended due to information received by the agencies that a plan of terrorism has been prepared in seven cities of Punjab. He assured that all tankers are reaching petrol pumps without any delay under the security of police.

Earlier, the Law Minister Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan and Provincial Environment Minister Col.(R) Shuja Khanzada while addressing a joint press conference have said that government has decided to deal with the political forces in a political manner while the forces creating chaos will be dealt with legally. He said we want to give way out to those innocent citizens stranded in Awami Tehrik Secretariat at Model Town Lahore, that is why, government is showing restraint otherwise law will take its own course and law enforcement agencies are fully ready for it.

He said the world takes impression from the footage of clashes between police officials and the mischievous elements that Pakistan has become the den of terrorists and these people are creating bad name for the country. In this way these people are defaming the country, he added. He said that the country should be allowed to make progress and let the elected government to work. The Law Minister said the entire nation is daily seeing the real face of Tahir-ul-Qadri that he is a terrorist. He said that action will be taken against Tahir-ul-Qadri and his son for delivering provocative speeches.

Rana Mashhood told that mischievous elements have injured more than 300 police officials through violence and knives so far in Model Town Lahore and have kidnapped police officials at four places of the province. He said that weapons have been recovered from 17 caravans at 17 places.

Replying to a question, the Law Minister said that Tahir-ul-Qadri has made no go area in the center of Lahore city where law is being violated openly. He said that the conspiracy for creating chaos through jugglery has been foiled and after making women and children hostage, a drama of becoming oppressed is being staged after burning vehicles and torturing police. He said that more than 2500 people are in the Tahir-ul-Qadri secretariat, majority of which consists of women and children.

Rana Mashhood told that yesterday, Tahir-ul-Qadri staged a drama on media that they have nothing to eat, upon which, he ordered DCO Lahore to immediately provide ration to them. He said that according to our information they have sufficient edibles. He said that in fact Tahir-ul-Qadri is in the habit of eating delicious meals, therefore, we have provided him milk, butter, meat, eggs and fish.

Col.(R) Shuja Khanzada said that our strategy is to curtail crowd of mischievous elements in one place. He also showed those marble bullets to the media through which police have been attacked.

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