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Chairman Media FPCCI Malik Sohail fired,his entry also ban in FPCCI

Chairman Media Malik Sohail Lahore: President of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FCCI) Zakria Usman has terminated the services of Chairman Media Malik Sohail with immediate effect.

His entry has been banned in all the offices of FPCCI and will not be allowed to participate in any of the FPCCI’s gatherings.

According to the details, Chief of the Businessman Panel of FPCCI Tariq Sayeed appointed Malik Sohail as Chairman Media, PR and Diplomatic Affairs some five years back.He was appointed illegally as he was not a member of FPCCI’s Management Committee while he continued to get extension in the tenure for five years which was unprecedented, sources said.

Lately, Malik Sohail developed cordial relations with VP of Saarc Chamber Iftikhar Ali Malik and sided with him in the ongoing tussle between Tariq, Iftikhar and SM Muneer.

Moreover, the FPCCI insiders said, Malik Sohail, with the help of VP FPCCI Munawar Mughal established a media cell in the Islamabad Chamber aimed at character assassination of Tariq Sayeed.

After confirmation of the matter Tariq Sayeed directed President FPCCI Zakria Usman to immediate terminate Malik Sohail. The termination letter has been issued which has also bring received by the FPCCI’s Capital Office.

On the other hand, Iftikhar Malik who is on a visit to India and other business leaders in his group have initiated efforts to get the dismissed official restored.

Insiders said that if FPCCI is relieved of Tariq Sayeed, Malik Sohail would be elevated by the incoming leaders.

A leader of Islamabad Chamber said that the central leadership of the business community has been taking controversial decisions which has compromised their repute.

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