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CCPO office bans entry of the crime reporters

Shehzad Akbar SSPLahore: On the direction of CCPO Lahore Zulfiqar Hameed Gujjar , security staff not permitting the local journalists to visit CCPO office .

This was happened first time in the history of Lahore Police that crime reporters were not being allowed to visit any police officer’s office and any police station. Was it shown the weakness of the media or the police had become more powerful in the electronic media’s era?

After being humiliated from the CCPO office security staff,ACR (Association of Crime Reporters)announced to stage a rally against the SSP Administration Lahore Rana Shahzad Akbar and later postponed it after having negociation with DIG ops Dr Haider Ashraf at Lahore Press Club who assured them that he would convey the grievances of the reporters to the CCPO Lahore.

Was there any sense that SSP Admin banned reporters from entering into CCPO office without the approval of the CCPO Zulfiqar Hameed ? Surely no, but the ARC demand was the removal of SSP Admin and restoration of their entry in CCPO office that shows their misery.

ARC president Ijaz Butt,secretary Asad Mirza warned that if SSP Admin would not removed in four days they would stage a rally and give sit-in outside the CM office till their demands will meet.

Meanwhile CCPO Lahore spokesman has made it clear that journalists can visit CCPO office after security clearance and presenting their office card to the security staff like any citizen.He claimed that CCPo office security was made high due to the terror threat.

A former senior journalist and a crime reporter expressed grief on the apathy of the ACR and said if they were more professional then police could never made such orders.

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