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Shariah could not be enforced on gun point

Hafiz Muhammad IdreesLahore: Naib Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Hafiz Muhammad Idrees, has stressed upon the government as well as the Taliban to see reason, give up intransigence and strive to end anarchy and dissent in the country.

Addressing the Friday congregation at Mansoora here, he said that the Shariah could not be enforced on gun point nor would bombardment help restore peace.

He deplored that in spite of declaring dialogue as the proper path and the Interior Minister’s assurances to advance the talks, the government had taken the opposite path.

He said that despite the recovery of Indian arms and injections from the terrorists attacking the Karachi airport, the rulers were not ready to name India in this respect.

Hafiz Muhammad Idrees counseled Prime Minister Nawaz Shaif to avail the present opportunity by making amends for his past mistakes and serve the nation.

He said that no one could win a war against his own nation and the country. He lamented that the rulers were bent upon proving the enemy as a friend and vice versa.

He said that India was Pakistan’s sworn enemy yet the Prime Minister was anxious to befriend it. Likewise, the US had started an undeclared war against Islam and the Muslims all over the world, and was patronizing the terrorist and subversive activities of India and Israel whereas the rulers in Islamabad had taken Washington as their lord and master.  He said as long as the rulers did not correct their approach, there wont be pace or progress.

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