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Floral Art Society aims to beautify city

FASP Picture MainLahore: President The Floral Art Society of Pakistan (FASP) Islamabad/Rawalpindi Chapter Asma Ansari on Thursday said that the society wants to beautify the city. Throughout history, humans have loved and cultivated flowers because they quickly activate positive emotional feelings in humans, she said.

Asma Ansari said that flowers play vital role in improving any environment in which they are placed. The expressive and environment-enhancing powers of flowers are enhanced when they are arranged together in artful displays.

Ansari said this while speaking at the monthly meeting of FASP held to teach the members the meaning of ‘interpretation’ of design.

She said that flowers are one of nature’s many gifts. With their assorted hues, varied shapes and sizes, and pleasing scents, they have the power to express what words sometimes cannot.

Flower arrangements play an important role in commemorating life’s most significant moments, and in making homes and workplaces more pleasant, she added.

Ms Ansari said that we aims to promote national and international goodwill and understanding through the promotion of floral art. It hold exhibitions, demonstrations, workshops and seminars to encourage the love and use of flowers creatively.

Earlier, a programme titled, ‘floral Charade’ was held where the members made their arrangements from a choice of eleven topics.

Farhana Azim, a talented floral artist conducted the procedure of judging each arrangement by choosing at random a panel of five judges from the members and asked what each design meant to them from the given topics.

It was interesting to note the response of the panel, as each arrangement was discussed and clarity of interpretation discussed. Members found this teaching and learning competition very productive and interesting.

Waqarun Nisa Bolani,  Huma Ehsan, Ghazala Abdullah, Sarwat Aslam, Zeenat Saleem, Farhana Azim and many others participated in the event.

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