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PTI’s historic protest will take place in D-Chowk :Jahangir Khan Tareen

Jahangir Khan Tareen is addressing press confernceLahore: “Regardless of all hindrances and obstacles, PTI’s historic protest will take place in D-Chowk at Islamabad. This protest shall serve as the beginning of our continued protest against election rigging and stealing of mandates in 2013 election, and we shall strive even harder to reap conclusive, long lasting and solid results from this historic protest.

”These assertions were made today by Central Secretary General of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Jahangir Khan Tareen during talks held with the delegations of PTI workers and leaders who had arrived from Rawalpindi, Multan, Lahore and other cities.

While talking to them, Jahangir Khan Tareen further said that only the government which has been formed on the basis of genuine and true reflection of public opinion is capable of being called a democratic government. He said that PTI resorted to various forums for attaining there legitimate rights. But having been denied the same PTI has had to take up an organized protest movement as a last resort against this blatant rigging and stealth of the votes of the people. 

Due to massive and unprecedented rigging that took place in 2013 election, government is running on a fake mandate. Whatever dramas that Khawaja Saad Rafique has staged in the National Assembly have flopped and are therefore rejected by the people of Pakistan.

While talking about the performance of the present government He said that the present government had failed to solve valid and pressing issues faced by the public of Pakistan. He said that this government was running on an organized PR machinery which keeps spewing baseless advertisements and political rhetoric that the people of Pakistan have been subjected to time and again. He said that the government had miserably failed to provide social and economic relief to the masses who are struggling to make ends meet in its time.

On a question related to evidence of election rigging, He said that PTI had been approaching the election commission repeatedly with the glaring evidence exposing the rigging which took place in the 2013 election, but PTI has only met with disappointment from the authorities.

He reiterated that this Protest Movement is a continued struggle of the people of Pakistan for the constitutional and fundamental rights that they have been stripped off.

Jahangir Khan Tareen said that the government was using all kinds of forces and gimmicks to sabotage the protest at D chowk islamabad, but the strength, enthusiasm, patriotism and resilience of PTI workers for getting the democratic rights of the people will prove that this Protest Movement being held in 11th May is indeed an historic one.


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