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Conspiracy theory is working in PML-N Punjab

Rana Mashud Ahmad 2Lahore: When Law Minister Punjab said conspiracy was behind the Rawalpindi incident,he seemed quite right to saying that as infact conspiracy was underway against him only to kick him out from the law ministry and his friends from power This conspiracy was not being made   outside the party but unfortunately it was hatched within the PML-N Punjab,his own friends and colleagues were involved in it.

According to the PML-N sources Lahori group in party politics matters a lot,this group is led by Minister Railways Khawaja Saad rafique, Malik Pervaiz camp and Rana Mashud groups are its allies in party politics.

Lahori group attempted to oust Rana Sana from law ministry few months back to accommodate their ally when Punjab cabinet was being formed.Rana Mashud was the strongest candidate for this ministry but leadership foiled this attempt by giving additional charge of the law ministry to Rana Sana Ullah.Later they tried for health ministry   but it was bestowed to a MPA from Faisalabad Khalil Tahir Sindhu with an additional charge including human rights and minorities ministries.

Khawaja Salman rafique a former advisor of CM Punjab for hea

Rana Sana 1

Later Khawaja Salman contested in bye-elections and joined his team in Punjab Assembly after winning the seat from Lohari with the support of CM Punjab’s son Hamza Shahbaz. When CM Punjab did not shown his confidence for health ministry upon him, Khalil TAhir Sindhu actively started working in the health ministry but he considered to be a weak minister as no principal of any medical college was ready to execute his policies in the department while secretary health did not think himself answerable to any person except the CM Punjab.lth ministry and a brother of Khawaja Saad Rafique who had been defeated in the general elections by PTI’s Dr Murad Raas carried on working in the health department without any official designation. It was common talk that Khawaja Salman will assume the charge of the health ministry after contesting in bye-elections, so in start Khalil Tahir Sindhu did not actively worked in the health ministry whereas  Khawaja Salman frequently attending the health department meetings  and Public  relation officer of DGPR was issuing his news items without any justifications.

All attempts of the plotters were being foiled ,suddenly PML-N Lahore’s president Malik Pervaiz wife Shaista Pervaiz Malik gave her shoulder to the conspirators by complaining CM Punjab against Minister health for not inviting her in dengue control meetings.

This lady complaint made Shahbaz Sharif furious and he insulted the minister in  a crowded meeting in presence of the media.

Plotter’s first target was achieved as Khalil Tahir Sindhu resigned from the cabinet and second minister Ch Sher Ali Khan was relieved from energy ministry,Third minister Ata Manika was accommodated by change of his ministry,Kh salman was again assumed the charge of health ministry as an advisor of CM but Law Ministry is still in Rana Sana hands rather the dreamer Rana Mashud who has started meetings with police officers in their offices .

plots will be made again and again to oust the Rana Sana from Law ministry.

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