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PTI rapes Punjab Government in a girl rape case

PTI Action Forum protest agaisnt  five year old girl rape caseLahore: Insaf Action Forum Punjab held a protest against the Punjab govt. in action and complete indifference to catch the culprits in five year old girl rape case in front of Press Club Lahore. Punjab President Ejaz Ch, Gen. Sec. Punjab Dr. Yasmin Rashid, Sec. Information Andleeb Abbas & Head of Insaf Action Forum Mehnaz Rafi carrying placards against the govt. a large number of women candid slogans demanding that the Punjab govt. be answerable to the rising violence against women in the province in front of Press Club Lahore.

Dr. Yasmeen Rashid speaking on the occasion said that it was shameful that despite almost 39 days have been passed and continuous protest by PTI and the media all over Punjab the Punjab govt. at turn left to the plea of hundreds of women and children who were being raped daily many cities of the province. She said that the Punjab govt. had promised the culprits would soon be brought to trial and but to date nobody has been caught and punished in these crimes. She said that
PTI INSAF action forum has collected all the statistics and had presented them to the media ten days ago highlighting that how the virus of gang rape was spreading due to no treatment given by the Punjab govt. She said that in that press conference PTI has warned the govt. that if within 10 days govt. should not took any action PTI will come out on the streets. She demanded that the govt. bring fwd all facts while the culprits were still at large.

Ejaz Ch stated that the whole society was turning into barbarism because the rule of law had become a joke. He said that when the rulers do not enforce laws on criminals the society becomes free crown for crime and the moral values of the society deteriorate he said that it was the responsibility of the govt. to give rapid n swift punishment to the criminals to ensure that those responsible for moral decay are punished severely.

Mehnaz Rafi head of INSAF Action Forum spoke that for eleven years she had been struggling the law on women protection bill but the govt. had do not supported it and thus enough protection by the govt. even than criminals are caught they get away got free because the law does not punish them adequately. She said that PTI was the only party which had taken this up seriously and requested all civil society to join this movement to ensure that are children and women of the family do not become victim of the govt. indifference.

Andleeb Abbas speaking on the occasion said that in the last two months highest incidents are in the city of the minister of law Rana Sanaullah in Faisalabad and the city of CM Shahbaz Sharif in Lahore. She said that this indicated that if in these cities the doctors and sisters are not protected imagine what would happen in this smaller cities in the rural areas. She said that the Punjab govt. had not called an assembly session since two months despite demands by PTI as they knew that they have no answer to the terrible state of the insecurity in the province.

The PTI leadership demanded if the govt. did not come forward and rev Al the process in these cases PTI will continue to protest in and out of the assembly till the heartless rulers take an action.

MNA Munazza Hassan, MPA’s Nosheen Hamid Meraj, Shanila Rout, Aliya Hamza Malik, Sobia Kamal, Sadia saif, Dr. Seemi Bukhari, Neelam Ashraf, Ayesha Zaheer, Ishtiaq Malik, Naseem Akbar and other leaders and party office bearers were also present.


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