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People to come out for peaceful revolution: Munawar Hasan

munawar hasan,imran khanLahore: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, has asked the people to come out on the roads to stop government atrocities , saying that the PML-N government  was fearlessly increasing prices of the daily commodities if people wanted to live they would have to bring peaceful revolution.

Talking to JI workers  at Mansoora , he said that in spite to take austerity measures ,Nawaz Sharif was putting burden on the poor people and trying to snatch everything they have.If the people wanted to live with some respectable sources than they must prepare for act like Altehrir esquire,he continued.

The JI Ameer said,  If  they had political alliance with PTI before election,no one could win even a single seat in KPK. Imran Khan  must come forward to bring change and to fulfill his promises that he made with the people during election campaign.He said peace would not be possible with out talks with Taliban.

Taliban had stated time and again that the Pakistan government was not serious in talks with them.  The government, he said, was not giving any importance to the APC resolution and was acting against the wishes of the nation.

He said the demand from the Taliban to lay down arms would look reasonable when the government decided ceases fire, stopped the use of force and appeared to be willing to resolve the issue through dialogue. He said, so far, the government was not ready to pull out troops from Swat where  all hospitals and educational institutions were in the troops control. He said as long as the government did not adopt  a free and independent foreign policy  and continued to follow the US dictation, terrorist activities would continue .

Syed Munawar Hasan said the Taliban should also present their agenda for talks, and they should present their terms and reservations through their mediators and not through the media. He said the Taliban had complained of the government attitude and said they could not be compelled for talks on gun point. The government should also like to give a positive response.  Therefore, both the sides should go ahead by taking each other into confidence.

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