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Lion has started eating poor:Ch Shujaat Hussain

Chaudhry-BrothersLahore: Pakistan Muslim League (PML) President Senator Ch Shujat Hussain and senior central leader and former Deputy Prime Minister Ch Parvez Elahi have said that despite hue and cry of the people against drone attacks of price hike of essential and other articles, more drone bombs of increase in electricity and petrol prices have been thrown on them, people are worried as to where setting of new records of services and essential items prices increase will stop.

The PML leaders in their joint statement issued here today have said that due to decrease in the oil prices in the international market despite economic difficulties, petroleum products prices have been reduced in neighbouring country India and the USA contrary to which the prices of POL products have been increased in our country.

They said their statement made few days back is proving correct that due to pace with which electricity tariff is being increased, in few months time people would forget crying about shortage of electricity, have their meters cut off and go back to the era of lanterns because it would become pretty difficult that after paying hefty electricity bills they should manage meals for their families two times, but they are even increasing kerosene prices also and it would be difficult for the poor even to lit their lanterns.

They said that continuous increase in electricity and petrol prices would raise the production costs in every field and the prices would further go up. They demanded that the increase in the electricity tariff and petrol prices should be withdrawn immediately. They said that this is a problem of 19 crore people and not just of an individual or a party and the people would be forces to come out on the roads, such policies should be formulated that electricity, petrol, gas and essential articles prices should not be out of the reach of the people.

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