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Pir Rehmani Jeelani and Jam Gohram Khan join PML-N

Former Prime Minister & PML-N President Muhammad Nawaz Sharif poses for a group photo with Sh. Abdul Sattar Mandokhail PML-N Central Joint Secretary Balushistan, Senator Ishaq Dar is also present.Lahore: PML – N President Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif on Monday welcomed Pir Rehmani Jeelani son of Jamiat Mashikh Ahl-e-Sunnat Pakistan founding member Sayed Pir Ghulam Jeelani Shah Jeelani, and Jam Gohram Khan son of Jam Bijar to PML – N.

In a telephonic address, Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif appreciated the struggles and sacrifices of both the families for the common people and assured them of PML – N’s complete support. On the occasion, Pir Rehmani Jeelani and Jam Gohram Khan expressed their full confidence in Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif’s leadership and pledged their allegiance to the PML – N.

Speaking to reporters, Sardar Jam Gohram said that he would take ownership of the people of Thatta, adding “We are sons of soil and only we can save our people from injustice and land grabbing. We will fight for our people. PPP thinks everyone has a price and can be bought out to reduce opposition to them. Let it be clear we will stand against this attitude and serve our people. We are the new generation of Sardars who intend protecting all our peoples.”

Pir Rehmani Jeelani expressed similar thoughts while talking to the media. He said that the PPP he left was not Mohtarma’s PPP. “When she died, the real PPP died with her too. I am joining the PML-N to get our people their rights. I have seen how the PPP has become a group of mufadparast people with vested financial interests. It has destroyed development of my people. I will not let my people suffer anymore.”

PML – N Leader, Marvi Memon hailed the joining of these two influential families as a major breakthrough in Sindhi politics. “Thatta is being eaten up by land mafia and only PMLN can save it. It’s the last chance Thatta has otherwise there won’t be any land left, which the locals can call theirs. It’s a life and death issue for all of Thatta. Every city and village has gone beyond Moenjodaro days. Atleast Moenjodaro had systems and civilization. 2013 Thatta has been reduced to rubble. We the PMLN will rebuild it and make it a model district for rest of Pakistan to follow” she said.

PML – N Sindh leadership including Syed Ghous Ali Shah, Liaqat Jatoi, and Haji Shafi Jamote were also present on the occasion. Sindh President Syed Ghous Ali Shah said that “I welcome brave sons of notable and spiritual families who have struggled for people of Thatta and Malir. I am convinced with such young leadership we will save Sindh and therefore Pakistan.”

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