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Honest leadership alone to bring change :Liaqat Baloch

Lahore: Secretary General, Jamaat e Islami, Liaqat Baloch, a candidate from NA 126, has said that a change in the country would be brought about by a leadership having firm faith in Islam, the Pakistan ideology, and committed to the uplift of the country and the welfare of the masses.

Addressing an election meeting in Muslim Town area on Sunday, he added that a group of feudal lords, vaderas and capitalists had been ruling the country for the last pic liaqat blaoch65 years and Pakistan could not remain isolated. He said the JI had issued forty per cent tickets to the youth under 40, and they would bring a revolution in the country like Morocco, Tunis, Libya and Egypt. Change would be brought about not through slogans but by a leadership that had clean past, he added.

Liaqat Baloch said that the country had witnessed injustice, exploitation and tyranny for the last 65 years and the rulers had been treating the masses as animals.
The life of the man in the street had become miserable because of price spiral, lawlessness, load shedding and unemployment. On the other hand, the rulers had been busy in corruption and plundering billions through fair or foul means. It was time that the electorate differentiated between friends and foes and voted for the honest and competent candidates of the JI who could steer the country out of the crises.

He said the JI had a brilliant record of service to the people in natural calamities. Besides, hundred so JI leaders had been in the assemblies and also in official positions, but they had a clean record and no one could point a finger at them.

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