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Dr Qadeer wants securities of plunderers forfeited

Lahore: Nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer khan, has said he would not rest until those who rendered the country bankrupt had their securities forfeited in the elections.

Addressing a big public election meeting of the Jamaat e Islami candidate from NA 128 at Raiwind, Mian ahoor Ahmed Wattoo, Friday afternoon, he declared that voting for the Jamaat e Islami candidates would be tantamount to voting for his party.
 Dr A Q Khan , Liaqat Baloch
Dr. Khan, Chairman of the Tehrik e Tahafuz e Pakistan (TTP), which has been allotted missile as election symbol, said that while scale symbolized justice, missile stood for terror.

“ We have a message of terror for the enemies of Islam and Pakistan  and a message of justice and fair play for the masses,” said the father of the country’s atomic bomb. “We will provide security to the masses and ensure them equality and we will give a deadly blow to the enemy,” he said.

He reiterated his appeal to the students and the youth to come out of their homes and hearths and convince the people to vote for the scale.

Dr A.Q. Khan said that the Jamaat e Islami is a spiritual force while he had made the country a nuclear power. Both these forces would Inshallah, defeat the enemies of Islam and Pakistan in the coming elections, he said.

He said during the last five years, the rulers had made the country bankrupt and the nation was in the grip of price hike, unemployment and poverty. We have decided to join hands with the Jamaat e Islami for building Pakistan a truly respectable state in every respect, he added.

“ If you don’t support me in the elections, this would mean we are among hypocrites,” he added.

In his address, Liaqat Baloch said that Dr A. Q. Khan had made the country a nuclear state because of which India and Israel could not dare to cast an evil eye on it.  He said the JI and Dr A.Q. Khan would build the country a welfare state where the poor and the common man regained their respect.

Mian Zahoor Wattoo welcomed the chief guest on the occasion.


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