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Outgoing rulers as care takers unacceptable, JI

Lahore: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar HassanMunawar Hassan , has said that any attempt to induct the people who had been in power in Sindh and Khyber P. during the last five years, as caretakers would be unconstitutional and would be strongly resisted.

In a press statement here on Wednesday, he has urged the Election Commission and the Supreme Court to take notice of every such effort and ensure the formation of a truly impartial care taker government. He said that in order to save the country from chaos and anarchy, it was imperative that the care taker set up both at the centre and in the provinces was totally impartial and above party politics, as only such governments could ensure holding of completely free, impartial and transparent elections.

The JI Ameer stressed that the parties who had been in power for the last five years must immediately quit and hand over power to an impartial interim government.

Syed Munawar Hasan said that it was a basic constitutional requirement that the care taker government must be completely impartial and above party politics. However, in Sindh, the PPP and the MQM, while in Khyber P, the ANP and the JUI were conspiring to divide the care taker ministries between themselves. Such an arrangement would be a gross violation of the constitution which won’t be acceptable for the masses, nor the results of such an election would have any legitimacy.

He said that in Sindh, formula for the distribution of ministries in the care taker government was being worked out which was totally unconstitutional, and a clear attempt to highjack the elections and to achieve desired results. He said the masses had tolerated the five year rule of the PPP and its allies with great patience and had been praying for an early end to this regime. However, it seemed there were fresh attempts to thrust the extortionists, target killers and land mafia under the cover of care takers. If the same criminal elements were to be inducted in power again, what was the fun in dissolving the previous governments. He asked. It was quite evident that President Zardari and his gang was unwilling to quit power. but their attitude would result in anarchy in the country.


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