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Service to the people is our pride:CM Punjab

cm talking to parliamenterians

cm talking to parliamenterians

Lahore: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that Punjab government has executed development projects worth 481 billion rupees during the last five years which include mega projects of 196 billion rupees and smaller development programmes of 285 billion rupees. He said that compared to the last government, six times more funds have been utilized on the welfare and prosperity of people of south Punjab. He said that only 52 billion rupees were spent by the former rulers on uplift of south Punjab during five years while Punjab government of Pakistan Muslim League-N has utilized 292 billion rupees for this purpose.

He said that foundation of a prosperous Punjab has been laid by implementing revolutionary and reforms programmes including Daanish schools, laptop scheme, ujala programme, Punjab Educational Endowment Fund, IT Labs, education of special children, internship programme, Punjab Youth Festival, healthcare programme, provision of free medicines in hospitals, development of agriculture and livestock sectors, model villages, Chief Minister self-employment scheme, land record computerization system, Aashiyana housing scheme, construction of underpasses, bridges, repair and reconstruction of roads, solid waste management, development of transport sector, metro bus project, Wattan Cards and promotion of foreign investment in the province.

He was talking to Assembly Members of various districts during a meeting at Model Town today. The Chief Minister said that five years tenure of Punjab government reflects a high standard, transparency and speed. He said he is thankful to Allah Almighty that Punjab government has completed its tenure of five years efficiently and honestly and cooperation of assembly members has also been laudable. He said that commitment, sincerity and determination of Pakistan Muslim League-N government in the service to the people and raising their living standard during these years is a glorious example in the democratic history of the country.

He said that development projects were completed expeditiously while a high standard was maintained. He said transparency and merit has been the hallmark of Punjab government. He said that third-party audit system has been introduced while Punjab government presented itself voluntarily to Transparency International Pakistan to judge the transparency of its three mega projects including metro bus project, Ujala programme, and laptop scheme worth more than 36 billion rupees and, Allah be praised, that Transparency International has certified the transparency of Punjab government which is indeed an honour. He said that sincere efforts have been made for the welfare of the people and development and progress of the province. He said that no new vehicle has been imported for Chief Minister’s Secretariat nor by him for personal use while the public funds have been treated as a sacred trust. He said that his soul and conscience are at peace.

He said that work culture has been changed in Punjab and a new example has been set by working on development projects round the clock. He said that special attention has been paid to the standard of construction of metro bus project, bridges, underpasses and other development schemes while transparency has also been ensured. He said that even India is following the development projects of Punjab government and has sought cooperation of Punjab government in solid waste management sector while laptop scheme has been started in Uttar Pradesh.

The Chief Minister further said that a meager amount of 11.8 billion rupees was spent on development sector in the five years tenure of the last government while government of PML-N has utilized a hefty sum of 111.2 billion on the development of agriculture sector during its tenure. He said that compared to 11.3 billion rupees spent by the former rulers, the present government has spent 71.6 billion rupees on health sector. Moreover, he said the former rulers spent 104 billion rupees on infrastructure development while PML-N government has utilized 318 billion rupees for this purpose. He said that masses will decide about the performance of Punjab government and they are the best judge.

He said that due to development measures of Punjab government, the living standard of the people has improved and the transparent governance of Punjab government has also been appreciated by the international institutions. He said that development in Punjab is the result of excellent team work and the provincial government is proud to present itself in the court of the people. He said that if Allah Almighty gave another opportunity, the development process initiated from Punjab under the leadership of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif will be extended to every nook and corner of the country

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