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PML-N strong ties with extremists is the reason of Badami Bagh incident: PTI

women are coming to take part in intra party electionsLahore: The collusion of PML N with extremist groups and consequent criminal neglect by the Punjab to stop terrorist incidents is becoming more and more visible everyday, said Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Information Secretary Shafqat Mahmood in a statement issued today. He said that if there was information available with the Punjab government regarding attack on the Joseph Colony why was nothing done to prevent it. Later on why did the police stand around as bystanders and did nothing help those whose homes and life’s saving were being destroyed. This said Shafqat was obviously done deliberately otherwise there was no reason for police not to intervene.
Earlier too after the Gojra incident in which a similar attack was launched on the Christian community, not only there was no attempt to stop the violence but no real attempt was made later on to hold the criminals to account. It is therefore no surprise said Shafqat that PML N has been seeking support of extremist groups during bye elections. In fact there is now conclusive evidence that Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif was elected from Bhakkar when the ASWJ withdrew its candidate. It is therefore no surprise that PMLN has gone into an election pact/seat adjustment with a banned organization.
Who can forget said Shafqat Mahmood that Punjab Government made a virtual plea to terrorists when he said that why are they attacking Punjab when PMLN and these groups have the same views. There is also sufficient evidence that no attempt was made in the last five years by Punjab Government to check the activities of extremists. In fact there is evidence that stipends were paid to families of known terrorists.
Whatever announcements that are being made now to compensate the victims of Joseph Colony tragedy is nothing but politics and PMLNs track record shows that it has no sympathy with the Christians.

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