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Civil war has started against government, Awami League in Bangladesh: Munawar Hasan

Karachi: Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Pakistan Syed Munawar Hasan has said that the civil war has started in Bangladesh against the government and the ruling party Awami League. He said this while addressing a protest rally taken out from Bait-ul-Mukarram to Hasan Square to express solidarity with JI leaders in Bangladesh who convicted death sentence and life imprisonment by courts.
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Hundreds of people including JI leaders and workers participated in the rally. The protestors raised party flags and chanted slogans against Bangladeshi government and in favour of JI leaders.They also raised placards and banners inscribed with “to dismiss fake cases against JI leaders and worker”, “if love to Pakistan is crime, we will continue to do the said crime”, “UNO action needs in Bangladesh” and others.

Addressing a gathering, JI Ameer said the protest rally was also against the government of Pakistan and a reminder to Pakistan Army.
He said that the governments of Turkey, Egypt, Tunis and others have taken notice of the barbarism of Bangladeshi government, but the government of Pakistan has not yet taken any notice in this regard.
“These atrocities against the JI leaders in Bangladesh being conducted on the faith of India while the government of Pakistan is become a silent spectator over the said situation”, Hasan added.
JI Ameer further said that the conviction of JI leaders in Bangladesh was a part of political manveouring by Awami League, as the popularity graph of Bangladeshi Prime Minister Shaikh Hasina Wajid was on decline.

“Kangaroo courts being established to convict the JI leaders adding the struggle of JI will continue till the fake cases against the leaders will not remove”, he said.
Hasan further informed that the Turkish PM has promised to convene a meeting of Gulf States over the said situation.

Ameer JI Sindh Dr Mairaj-ul-Huda Siddiqui has said that the government of Hasina Wajid was trying to remove the rule of Islam from Bangladesh.

Siddiqui warned the Bangladeshi government that besieging of its consulate in entire world would be held if the fake cases against the JI leaders would not be withdrawn.
He further said that all human rights organisations including Amnesty International, European Union and others have rejected the verdicts of Kangaroo courts in Bangladesh.

JI Karachi Ameer Muhammad Hussain Mahenti said that it was a sheer injustice to convict death sentence to JI leader Dilawar Hussain and others 42 JI leaders.

On the occasion, he said that the aim of holding such protest rally was to compel the government of Pakistan to play its due role in this regard. “We have rejected the conviction of JI leaders in Bangladesh and continue to protest against Bangladeshi government and its courts”, Mahenti said.

On the occasion, he strongly criticised the policies of pro-Indian Bangladeshi PM Shaikh Hasina Wajid.

PML-N leader Saleem Zia said that the tyrannous act was at its extend in Bangladesh adding he warned the Bangladeshi government to immediately stop such atrocities against JI leaders.
“The JI leaders and activists are fighting against secularism in Bangladesh”, Zia added.

He said that the government of Pakistan and Army should intervene into the said matter.

On the occasion, Zia demanded of the government to call back its envoy from Bangladesh as protest. He strongly condemned the injustice and barbarism of Bangladeshi courts.

A resolution was also presented and later passed unanimously by the participants demanded of the government to initiate investigation over blasphemy issue in Badami Bagh in Lahore and award exemplary punishment to those who involved in such heinous crime.
It further demanded to compensate those Christian families whose houses set ablaze in arson incident.

Nasrullah Shajih, Hafiz Engineer Naeem-ur-Rehman, JI General Secretary Naseem Siddiqui, Dr Alauddin of PML-Sher-e-Bangal, Hafiz Muhammad Amjad of Jamaat-ut-Dawa, Basharat Mirza of PDP, Maulana Usman Yar Khan of JUI-S, Mustaqeem Noorani of JUP, Maulana Ghayyas of JUI-F were also spoken on the occasion.

Director Public Relations JI Sarfaraz Ahmed and Secretary Information JI Zahid Askari were also present on the occasion.

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