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JI decries co-education at high school level

Lahore: Deputy Secretary General, Jamaat e Islami, Dr Farid Ahmed Piracha, has expressed deep concern over the Punjab government policy to promote co-education up to high school level in clear violation of Islamic values and the Pakistani culture.

He has called upon the Punjab Chief Minister to review his policy in this respect in the light of the Islamic injunctions and the country’s constitution, In a statement here, he said that the government policy had given rise to serious problems for the girl students, female teachers as well as their patents and was bound to have adverse effects on female literacy and the women in the teaching profession.

He said that the female teachers and lecturers were being posted in boys high schools and higher secondary schools where they had to work in the company of male teachers. Women teachers belonging to noble and religious families were being compelled to either serve in institutions of co-education or to give up their jobs due to which many of them had decided to abandon their service.

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