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APCNGA announces hunger strike against anti-CNG policies

Islamabad: The All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) on Wednesday flayed anti-CNG policies of the government and announced to opt for hunger strike in protest from March 12.

We will protest anti-CNG policies of the government, unjust gas distribution, 5-day gas loadshedding for CNG sector in Punjab and continuous discrimination by authorities, said Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha, Chairman Supreme Council APCNGA.

Speaking to a press conference here, he said that all the concerned departments have been harassing CNG operators while false cases are being registered against CNG owners to discourage APCNGA.
Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha said that all the concerned authorities have been directed to continue annoy CNG operators continuously after March 16 when assembles will be dissolved.

He informed that concerned top officials have been warned of dire consequences if they showed any reluctance in penalising CNG sector which is total disregarded of the law and very unfortunate.
Five-day gas loadshedding in Punjab is unacceptable as it amounts to punishing 80 million masses living in that province, Paracha added.
The leaders of the CNG sector said that some top government functionaries, hand in glove with petrol and liquid gas mafia, have laid siege to the CNG sector aiming its annihilation which cannot be allowed under any circumstances.

Government has been using energy crisis to reap dividends by promoting influential energy mafia which is worst kind of exploitation masses have ever suffered in history of Pakistan, he added.

Paracha said that never in the history of this country such hardship was created for the public to ensure personal prosperity.
Similarly, he added, never before such pervasive corruption has been recorded in the petroleum ministry which has shaken the foundations of the country leaving it to the mercy of plotters and international lenders.

Ghiyas Paracha demanded reversal of all the anti-CNG moves, abandoning projects which are to benefit few and reduce gas loadshedding duration in Punjab.

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