Thursday , September 19 2019
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Nawaz Sharif asks govt to negotiate with Taliban

Lahore: President Pakistan Muslim League-N Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said that war and use of force is not the solution to any problem. He said that the play of explosives and spilling of blood only create hatred and distances, for which Pakistan is paying a heavy price. He said that the offer of negotiations by Taliban should be taken seriously as the Nawaz Sharif3 need peace.

In a statement, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif called upon the government to initiate serious, purposeful and result-oriented process of negotiations with Taliban, without any delay. He said Pakistan Muslim League-N has always supported the process of resolving all problems through negotiations. He said resolutions, passed by the parliament, have also emphasized taking concrete steps to put the matters right. He said that the nation wants peace, without which the aim of progress and prosperity can never be realized. President PML-N Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said that all concerned should initiate the process of negotiations, with sincerity and an open heart, in the interest of the country and the nation. He said that, in view of the record of the government, probably no one can act as guarantor, however we support the process of negotiations.

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