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Right to legislate prerogative of Parliament: Kaira

info_mediatlkslalamusaLala Musa: Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira Saturday said the right to legislate rested with public representatives and nobody had right to interfere in it.
Talking to media, he said only Parliament reflected the will of people and had prerogative to enact the laws under which superior judiciary takes decisions.He said democracy was not possible without independent judiciary however parliamentary system was panacea for the country’s problems and without it, the system could not survive.

He said people have entrusted the right to govern to Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), adding It was not logical to say that only a few hundred were imposing their will on the country.
Kaira said no other institution was the representatives of public and so all state institutions would have to respect the Pariliment which was the supreme institution.
He said PPP respected judiciary and expected all institutions would also recpect the public representatives.

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