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MWM warns of countrywide movement if the Governor Rule is withdrawn in Baluchistan

Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM) has warned the federal government that they would begin a countrywide movement if the Governor rule in Baluchistan is withdrawn.

“Speculations are being bandied around that President Zardari has assured a leader of a religio-political party that the Governor Rule will be withdrawn,” Nasir Abbas Shirazi, secretary political affairs of the MWM said at a press conference here on Thursday held at Lahore Press Club.

He said that almost all the major political and religio-political parties had already expressed solidarity with the martyrs of Quetta Alamdar Road Tragedy whose sacred blood engendered the dismissal of the failed government of Raeesani. He cited that the PPP, PMLN, MQM, PMLQ, JI, PTI, JWP and many other parties have expressed their support to the Governor Rule at the MWM’s APC.

“Baluchistan’s provincial government was dismissed because of its failure and incompetence and its dismissal and imposition of Governor Rule is in accordance with the Constitution of Pakistan,” Mr. Shirazi asserted.

He recalled that former home minister of Baluchistan on record said that many ministers of the Baluchistan cabinet were involved in terrorism in the province.

“The sacked chief minister ridiculed the grieved heirs of martyrs of Baluchistan because instead of taking action against the terrorists, he said that he will send truck full of tissue papers for the heirs,” he recollected.

The MWM official warned all the proponents of sacked Raeesani government that they will have to suffer in the forthcoming elections because people will turn them down for their callousness towards the miseries of people.

“All those who are trying to exert pressure on the President for withdrawal of Governor Rule would be considered abettors of terrorism in Quetta and elsewhere in Baluchistan,” he said.

He said there was no need to restore Baluchistan government. He said that we have entered into the season of Elections hence attention should be paid to forthcoming elections instead of installing a government for a month or two.

Nasir Abbas Shirazi demanded of President Zardari and Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf to impeach those ministers of Baluchistan’s sacked government who had abetted terrorists. He urged the government not to fall to the pressure of the opponents of Governor Rule.

“We have finalized our plan for countrywide protest movement and long march to Quetta and Islamabad in case the President withdraws Governor Rule,” he vowed.

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