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Democracy is vital for the future of Pakistan:Naib Ameer JI Prof. Khurshid Ahmed

Lahore:Prof. Khurshid Ahmad Prof. Khurshid Ahmed, has appreciated the statement of PPP’s central leader Senator Raza Rabbani, expressing concern about the conspiracy to putt of the elections and to derail democracy.

In a statement here on Wednesday, he said that despite the weaknesses of democratic order, its continuation was vital for the future of Pakistan. Prof. Khurshid Ahmed also stressed that the statement of Interior Minister Rehman Malik about Karachi and the involvement of foreign powers in the bloodshed in the port city, and said the foreign powers were none other than India and its patron, the US.
He said the statements of the PPP leaders should be an eye opener for the nation, especially the political leadership. He appealed to the nation to rise to the occasion for safeguarding the solidarity of the country against all dangers.

Prof. Khurshid Ahmed said the only way to pull out of the current situation was to hold immediate elections and the consensus of all the sides and political parties for the continuation of the constitutional process.The JI Naib Ameer also appealed to the Election Commission to realize its responsibilities and take every possible step to regain the confidence of the masses. The Election Commission, he said, should utilize all possible resources to ensure fair, free and transparent elections and should not surrender to any expediencies.He said the discussion about the dissolution of the Election Commission or its fresh composition was a matter of deep concern which must be opposed in any case. However, he said, the Election Commission should be more efficient in discharging its constitutional role so that all doubts about its working were allayed.

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