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Bahawalpur Janoobi Punjab province is stunt to postpone the elections:Ch Nisar Ali Khan

Ch Nisar Ali Khan is in party meetingLahore:Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly, Ch. Nisar Ali Khan has said that the stunt of Bahawalpur Janoobi Punjab province has been raised just to postpone the elections and delay the establishment of new provinces. He said that establishment of a province comprising South Punjab and Bahawalpur will not serve the purpose and due to these “kindness” of Zardari, Pakistan has today reached at the verge of disaster. He said that PML-N under the leadership of its Quaid Muhammad Nawaz Sharif will restore the Bahawalpur Province and the capital of Bahawalpur Province will be Bahawalpur City and not Multan or any other city.

Similarly, separate province of South Punjab will also be established, he added, Governor, offices and cabinet members of Bahawalpur province will sit at Bahawalpur and the Governor, offices and cabinet members of South Punjab will be at Multan.

Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly said that when government will bring bill regarding provinces in National Assembly, we will also bring a constitutional amendment in the Assembly for the restoration of Bahawalpur province and establishment of Janoobi Punjab province on the basis of unanimous resolution of Punjab Assembly. He said that so-called national commission comprising Staff Officer of Zardari includes representatives of only allied parties of the federal government and Punjab has not been given representation in it. He said that federal government has no powers to change the geographical frontiers without the consent of Punjab. He said that without approval of two third majority of provincial assembly, the federation cannot make change in the boundaries of the province. He said that we will bring a constitutional amendment regarding setting up of provinces besides submitting an amendment bill to make Hazara a separate province. He said that we presented a unanimous resolution to make Bahawalpur and Janoobi Punjab provinces but the federal government made it controversial. He said despite having not two-third majority in the National Assembly, the Federal Government has staged drama of creation of provinces.

Ch. Nisar said that the rulers have become unnerved and that is why they are taking unconstitutional steps by including Mianwali and Bhakkar into Bahawalpur Janoobi Punjab province. He said that making new provinces is not a childish game. He said that it has always been the stance of PML-N that the new provinces should create on such administrative basis which might be strengthened the federation. Commenting on the remarks of Opposition Leader in Punjab Assembly, Ch. Nisar said that Raja Riaz belongs to such a party whose head Zardari had said it on the record that the agreements are not Holy Quran or Hadith which should be implemented and Raja Riaz is representing the same culture. He said that due to such wrong statements at federal level, the graph of PPP has fallen down.

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