Wednesday , November 21 2018
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PTI concerns over the investigation in Kamran Faisal’s case

Kamran FaisalLahore: NAB employees have continued their protest for the impartial investigation in Kamran Faisal death case.Chairman NAb Fasih Bukhari has admitted that his team is working in depression. During the investigation,it was revealed that Kamran had sent SMS to his friends about pressure, he was facing. The text messages by Kamran revealed that he was under pressure and concerned about his security. This has raised questions regarding the death of the investigator. According to the text messages DG HR wanted an affidavit in back dates and wanted him to change his statement.

Also NAB has postponed the investigation of the RPP case until a conclusive investigation is conducted which is in clear violation of the Supreme Court’s order. PTI has expressed its great concerns about the investigation and said that NAB is using delaying tactics in order to avoid arresting the powerful accused. PTI demands complete security for the investigating officers on the case as their lives also seem to be in danger after this suspicious death. PTI spokesperson strongly demands for a thorough investigation of the case through a judicial commission under a serving judge so that those involved in this crime are unveiled.

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