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DG Rescue urges the cadets to maintain standards of emergency service

dr rizwan naseerLahore: The Director General, Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) Dr. Rizwan Naseer has urged the cadets to maintain standards of emergency service including its response time of seven minutes maintained by Rescue 1122 during last eight years. He was addressing over 602 cadets at Emergency Services Academy here on Friday. These cadets are being trained for establishment of Rescue 1122 at Tehsil level and will discharge their duties after passing out from the Academy.

The Director General advised these cadets that swift provision of emergency care in life threatening condition is a primary responsibility of rescuers and it must be ensured with professionalism. Emphasizing on the importance of ethical values in any profession, he asked them to maintain their professional appearance, courteous handling of patients and swift response time to emergencies.

He further said that through professional care of their equipment & vehicles and ensuring service standards, rescuers have been able to earn respect and provide a sense of safety to the citizens during last eight years which have been maintained in all 36 districts of Punjab. Dr. Rizwan Naseer further asked the rescuers to do their best to save life, which is equal to saving whole humanity as we all – the rescuers – belong to a lifesaving force.

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