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Qadri gives another deadline to the government

Tahir ul Qadri addressinf from his container in IslamabdIslamabad: Dr Tahirul Qadri has given another two days deadline to the government for stepping down and said parliament is protecting thieves and plunderers.

while Addressing to the participants of sit in at D-Chowk on the 3rd day of the protest, he claimed that if his demands were not meet than they would have to flee. Tehrek Minhaj ul Quran Chief presented four demands for next general elections and gave an ultimatum to the government to decide till tonight.

Qadri presented his four demands, saying that elections should be held under article 62, 63 and 218 of the constitution.Election commission of Pakistan should be dissolved and reconstituted again. Federal and provincial assembles should be dissolved and an impartial caretaker government should be announced,at the occasion he made it clear that caretaker government should not be formed as a result of ‘collusion’ between the federal government and the opposition.He reiterated that he would not a candidate for a caretaker prime minister rather would love to be a caretaker of the nation .

He praised judiciary for bravado and freedom and said that the government has left no chance to corner the institution.

He said that the tax evaders can never become the members of Parliament and such people cannot guard the country. Loyal and honest persons are required to rule the country, the lawbreakers cannot be the lawmakers and such offenders have their places in jail and not in the parliament,he added.

Shekh ul Islam said that the parliament consists of members who got waived off their loans , how could they bring true democracy in the country.Our Parliament was full of defaulters and thieves who were serving as ministers. Seventy percent of the parliamentarians did not submit their tax return, and on the contrary, a defaulter of even Rs 10,000 is not eligible to become a member of the Parliament as per law, he maintained.

He extended invitation to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan to join his sit-in in Islamabad for the change of corrupt political system as seven- point demands put by Khan were not different from his demands. He said Imran Khan should strengthen his long march by joining it as Khan was not one of the corrupt people.

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