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Who will Pay 7.14 Billion Rupees a Day for Qadri’s March ?

Lahore: PML – N leader Senator Tariq Azim asked who was paying the 7.14 Billion Rupees a day required for Tahir ul Qadri’s march. He pointed out that transportation costs alone accounted for over 5 Billion rupees a day while food expenses were another 2 Billion rupees per day. In addition to asking who was footing the bill for this, Senator Azim also questioned Qadri’s sanity for using piles of cash donated by his followers to launch an attack on democracy in Pakistan.

He added that Tahir ul Qadri was still confused about what the purpose of his march was yet Qadri was willing to throw away people’s money for the sake of his ego trip. Senator Azim hoped that Shaikh ul Islam would answer the 7.14 Billion Rupee question instead of wasting time making baseless accusations against the Punjab Government.

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