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PTI would be on top in popularity : Aleem Khan

Lahore: Former Minister Abdul Aleem Khan has said that as soon general elections are announced, PTI would be on top in priority and those waiting to come again in power would be disappointed. He said that Imran Khan has courage and vision to bring this nation out from the crises and masses would be given their basic rights. He said that other political forces have threat to loose their existing status that was the reason they do not want to leave the power even one day before.
While addressing PTI organisations of different towns here at Mall Office, Abdul Aleem Khan said that PTI training best workers to extend political activities in the society and Imran Khan has played an important role in this regard. He asked the PTI leaders to work actively in their units and ensure active participation in intra party elections as well as in the mass contact campaign of Imran Khan. He said that women and youth have to be on the forefront of Tehrik-e-Insaaf in all political activities and now other parties were copying the same manifesto.

In the meeting, Hammad Azhar, Jamshaid Cheema, Haamed Meraj, Amin Zaki, Tahar Ashraf Bara, Abdul Karim Kalwar, Naseem Zohara, Faurakh Javed Moon and Sheikh Aamer also spoke and gave a number of proposals to activate PTI at unit level.

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