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Financial assistance to improve lives of needy:BMWT

Begum Mehmooda Welfare Trust (BMWT) has provided cash to the poor and needy widows belonging to poor and marginalized communities of Federal capital and Harripur on Saturday.

Every month, BMWT provides cash to more than 40 widows to meet their daily financial needs.

Under Income Support program, Trust gives cash to the widows registered for grant after a rigorous survey carried out in these areas. This is a regular feature of the Trust, in which widows are provided financial assistance.

Islamabad: Begum Mehmooda Welfare Trust has initiated this program to enable widows to fulfil their needs without burdening their dependents. This unique program has provided relief and comfort to them. Hina Fysal, Chief Executive & Co-Founder of the Trust said, “Trust encourage the contributions and sacrifices of widows in their lives, this assistance would provide them a financial security, at least”.

The Trust is a not for profit organization aimed at mitigating poverty from the rural areas of the country.

73 year old widow, Zaiflan Jan said, Trust provides her cash every month from the last five years. I utilize this amount to fulfil the needs of daily life, medicines and save some part of this assistance for untoward situations, she added.

At present, the trust is working on five major programs such as health improvement and medical, education, food, wedding composition and income support program in Harripur, Sangra, Desra valley of KPK and in some urban parts of Islamabad. To-date, the trust has changed the lives of more than 500 families.

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