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Uncle laptop promises to give more laptops if elected again

Lahore: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that laptops worth Rs. 8 billion are being distributed among talented boy and girl students purely on merit basis and brilliant students of Azad Kashmir, Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa, Gilgit-Baltistan, Sindh and Balochistan have also been included in this revolutionary programme.

He said that youth are the future of the nation and provision of resources to them is not expenditure but fruitful investment. He said that if again given opportunity, three times more laptops will be given to the students so that an information technology revolution could be brought about in the country. He said that laptops distribution programme is such a revolutionary and welfare oriented project of the Punjab government which future governments will also not be able to end. He said that those raising the slogans of change in the country should realize that distribution of laptops among brilliant students, internship programme for postgraduates, provision of scholarships to the talented students belonging to poor families and presenting of guard of honor to the talented and hard-working students is the real change. He said that transparcny and merit have been promoted in the province.

He was addressing laptop distribution ceremony among talented students at University of Engineering & Technology here today. Special Assistant on Education Zaeem Hussain Qadri, Members National and Provincial Assemblies, teachers, parents and a large number of students were present on the occasion. Addressing the function the Chief Minister congratulated the students who received laptops and said that he firmly believes that the students through these laptops will be able to find out the formula of elimination of corruption from the country and design several projects like BRT. He said that the measures taken by Punjab government for the development of education sector and spread of knowledge to every nook and corner of the province have started yielding positive results. He said that 40 thousand scholarships are being given from Punjab Educational Endowment Fund to such shining students who could not continue their studies due to poverty.

He said that merit and promotion of education is the key to development of the country and keeping in view this fact Punjab government is following a solid strategy for this purpose. He said that the glorious success of the candidates of Pakistan Muslim League-N in the recent bye-elections is a proof of the fact that people appreciate the merit policy of Punjab government and reject the loot and plunder of the corrupt rulers of Islamabad. He said that internship programme for postgraduate youth is continuing successfully under which 50 thousand youth are being imparted training in various institutions and being given a monthly stipend of 10 thousand rupees.

The Chief Minister further said that Pakistan is facing serious crises and problems, corruption is rampant while the enemies are bent upon getting Pakistan declared as a terrorist state. He said that atom bomb and begging bowl cannot go together and in order to safeguard nuclear capability and ensure a dignified status for Pakistan in the comity of the nations reliance on indigenous resources will have to be ensured. He said that timely conduct of the next general elections is essential for the survival of Pakistan. He said that some imported elements want to shatter the hopes of people of the country but the masses will foil their designs. He said that people should bring forward such a leadership in the next general elections as could uphold the interests of the country instead of giving in before Aaghiyar.

He said that Zar Baba and Forty Thieves have destroyed industrial, agriculture and other sectors of the country and ruined its economy and the people will have to get rid of corrupt mafia. He said that people had high hopes of democracy but the corrupt rulers of Islamabad have disappointed the masses. He said that if democratic system had been unsuitable, laptop, internship and educational scholarship programmes would not have been continuing in Punjab and the Punjab police would not have saluted the brilliant students. He said that presidents, prime ministers, chief ministers and some thieves and plunderers have been given guard of honor during the last 65 years but it is first time in the history of the country that this honor is given to talented boy and girl students in Punjab to acknowledge their talent and hard work. He said that in order to make Pakistan the country of Quaid and Iqbal honesty and merit will have to be adopted otherwise Pakistan would not be able to achieve self-sufficiency and prosperity.

Vice Chancellor Engineering University Gen. (Retd.) Muhammad Akram in his welcome address said that 6423 students of the university received laptops in the first phase while more than three thousand boy and girl students are being given laptops in the second phase which is an excellent gift of Punjab government. He also highlighted the measures taken by Punjab government for the development of education sector. He expressed his gratitude to Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif who had launched laptops programme and encouraged the students by attending the function.

The Chief Minister later distributed laptops among talented boy and girl students.

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