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Dust on BB murder is a failure of govt:Aleem Khan

Lahore: Central Leaders of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf Ahsan Rasheed and Abdul Aleem Khan have said that after five years hands behind the murder of Mohtarama Benazir Bhutto could not unvieled and dust of this case is the failure of the present government.

While talking to media after PTI meeting, here today, they said that every year on the anniversary of Shaheen BB, some new promise is made to get more time. PPP Government did nothing but political bargaining and blackmailing resulted into creating confusion and doubts. They said that people are not certain even about the holding of impartial and fair intime elections. They expressed determination that after coming in power PTI would bring into books all those who looted national exchequer or took part in the conspiracies of killing like Mohtarama Benazir Bhutto.

Moreover, Ahsan Rasheed and Abdul Aleem Khan held a meeting of 30 important leaders of PTI from Lahore in Gulberg Office and completed consultation on party matters. Sardar Kamal Umer, Mian Hammad Azhar, Haamed Meraj, Ameen Zaki, Dr. Shahid Siddique, Mansha Sindhu, Mian Farooq, Mian Tariq, Col. Jawad A. Bajwa, Brig. Minhas, Shoaib Siddiquee, Nasrullah Moghal, Nazir Chohan, Mian Javed Ali, Asim Zafar, Tahar Ashraf Bara and Farrakh Javed Moon were among those who were present. The meeting took a number of decisions regarding the coming intra party elections.

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