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Parha Likha Pakistan is our destination,Ch Pervaiz Elahi speaks at 5th Convocation of Dadabhoy

Lahore: Pakistan Muslim League senior central leader and Deputy Prime Minister Ch Parvaiz Elahi has said that “Parha Likha Punjab was a beginning and our destination is Parha Likha Pakistan which we, Insha-Allah, achieve after winning the elections, rate of literacy in Punjab had increased to 62 per cent as a result of revolutionary measures taken by him as the Chief Minister, enrolment in educational institutions had increased up to 70 per cent and establishment of educational institutions in public-private partnership is a positive steps. He said this while addressing 5th Convocation of Dadabhoy Institute for Higher Education in Karachi today.

Institute’s Chairman Abdullah Dadabhoy presented the welcome address. Higher Education Commission’s former Chairman Dr Attaur Rahman also addressed the convocation. Advisor to the Sindh Chief Minister Haleem Adil Shaikh, Director of the Institute Professor Dr S. Altaf Hussain were also present on this occasion. At the end of the convocation, degrees were distributed among more than 400 girls and boys students. Ch Parvez Elahi said that task of the universities is not only transferring of old knowledge but also to create new knowledge and universities change the fate of the nations and added that who can forget the role of the Muslim University Aligarh in the creation of Pakistan. He said as the Punjab Chief Minister did numerous works in the social sector in the fields of health, education, restoration and improvement of law and order, provision of justice and rule of law besides welfare and well-being of the common man, in order to change the condition of the poor removed all obstructions in the way of their education.

Elaborating these measures, he said that these included free education and free text books up to Matric for 2 crore 80 lakhs boys and girls students, monthly stipends for 11 lakhs boys and girls students, promotion of technical education, establishment of 18 new universities in the public and private sectors, setting of first women university in Rawalpindi, two medical universities in the public sector, first veterinary university of the country in Lahore, 119 new institutions for handicapped children, degree colleges for special children in Lahore and Bahawalpur, provision of free brail, wheel chairs, artificial limbs, hearing aids and pick and drop facility for the special children, monthly stipend and supply of free milk in school and reserved quota for special children in all educational institutions. He pointedly stated that as a result of all these measures literacy rate in the province had increased to 62 per cent from 47 per cent whereas enrolment in educational institutions increased up to 70 per cent.

Ch Parvaiz Elahi said that “Parha Likha Punjab was a beginning and Parha Likha Pakistan is our destination” and we will, Inshallah, achieve this destination on coming into power again. He said we need such beneficiary knowledge which improves our character, strengthens our economy and removes our social and cultural worries and for this heavy responsibility devolves on educational institutions in particular the higher education institutions, establishment of educational institutions in private-public partnership is a positive step towards shouldering of this responsibility. He said it is a matter of great happiness that in the fields of education and IT, Sindh Govt’s nominated students many classes are still continuing in collaboration with Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education. He said messengers of disappointment are active today in every sphere of life, Almighty Allah prohibits us, the Muslims, not to be dismayed over His blessings and this is why “I have been disappointed even in my ordinary life”.

He said that he sees institutes like Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education, see a sparkle in the eyes of the youth, see their confidence and courage “then I become more hopeful and confident as regards the future”. Towards the end, Ch Parvaiz Elahi prayed for long life of Abdullah Dadabhoy and spreading of his mission so that he continues to play his role in the field of education and national development. He prayed to Almighty Allah to bless us with so much courage and strength that we are able to bring about revolution in the field of education specially in higher education to change the fate of common man.

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