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There would be no place for Nawaz ,Zardari in new Pakistan:Imran Khan

Pakpattan: Chairman Pakistan Tehrek-e-Insaf Imran Khan has said there would be no place for corrupt leaders like Nawaz Sharif,Asif Ali Zardari in new Pakistan.He was addressing to a big public gathering here in the city.The revolutionary leader said Punjab Government is victimizing PTI workers and asked to the public servants to remain impartial and not to become tool of this political victimization.He told the government machinery to do their official duties as directed by the constitution and the Quaid e Azam saying.

Imran Khan said PPP and PML-N has the same interests in the politics, apparently they oppose each other but infact they always watch their mutual interest.Nawaz Sharif is a co-accused with Asif Zardari for the worst economic condition of the country.Nawaz Shari all the time supported Asif Zardari whenever his government fell in troubled water.If he had not given his helping hand to Zardari ,he would have not be able to loot and plunder the national assessts.

He assured the public that he will not allow the looters to come into power again to loot.He said Nawaz Sharif had five terms but he did nothing for the common man in his any term rather he focused to deprieved the people what they had in their pockets. He questioned,where had the money gone that was collected in the name of Qarz attaro mulk sanwaro.

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