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Bhutto Mission will never be be accomplished without the release of Dr. Aafia

American delegate human rights activist and six-time elected Congress woman Cynthia McKinney said “I am here for Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. When I first learned of her situation I decided to do all that I could do to reverse the injustice to this poor innocent woman. The United States has more to give Pakistan than drones, bombs and missiles. The United States can give Aafia back. The Pakistan Leadership just has to ask. One wonders what is more important to ask as an Ally than the daughter of the Nation? How can they face their voters, we use our elected offices to right wrongs and do the will of the people. Returning Dr. Aafia to Pakistan is the will of the people. People power can become very rebellious when it comes to dignity and honor of their daughters. I sensed the emotion within the masses.

Sara Flounders an American political writer and member of the Secretariat of Workers World Party, as well as a principal leader of the International Action Center, while addressing the Press Conference said Aafia’s Case is a political case and she attended the trial and sentencing. Aafia was tortured, the 86 years was shameful and we realize a political sentence and her rendition illegal. The solution is Political and diplomatic. It does not lie in the courts even though they are needed to keep channels open. We believe the political solution is simple and glaringly obvious however, this requires concrete action from Pakistani government. She further emphasized that By releasing Aafia the US and Pak leaders can reverse a step in recovering the damaged sovereignty .Tangible action is worth more than dollars. She said though we are leaving andthe free Aafia week is ending this is the begining of an international movement that will continue to increase till Aafia’s Release as she is the symbol of all that went wrong during this ridiculous war. Aafia’s case has transended all borders.

Dr. Fauzia Siddiqui, Sister of Dr. Aafia said 4 years not enough to write a letter ? our people need Dignity & Pride & Recognition of our sovereignty, which was lost the day the day a dictator started selling our brothers and sisters to a foreign master. The people of Pakistan need concrete accomplishments. There can be no better way to win the hearts of people than to secure the release of Aafia. She further said everywhere there is talk of elections and votes. Elections are not just votes bought & sold. Candidates and coalitions must address the hunger for justices. People need concrete accomplishments and fulfillment of promises, like the promise to bring Aafia home. The political leader able to deliver Aafia back to Pakistan will have the support & gratitude of millions. Aafia is the daughter of the nation, the insult to the whole nation of her unjust imprisonment and continued torture and isolation must be ended.

Support is growing among political parties for signing the pledge that no one in Pakistani custody may be released to the US until Aafia Siddiqui comes home to Pakistan.

Aafia lives in the hearts of the people we are committed to her release – Sara FloundersWe have come to Pakistan to urge the Pakistani Leadership to repatriate Aafia – Cynthia McKinney.

During the address Dr. Aafia’s sister Dr. Fowzia said that Aafia’s release is as simple as a signature by President or Premier. Daughters tortured and leaders bowing down to injustice is not the Bhutto legacy. Bhutto stands for justice and women honor and dignity. In an emotional Plea she addressed Bilawal, Benazir Bhotto’s son Bilawal Zardari, if your mother were alive Aafia would not be in jail, she said Aafia is the daughter of Pakistan. Her Freedom is obligatory and a debt on Pakistani leadership. No ifs, ands or buts. The respected guests said that we are amazed at the reception we received, at 4am hundreds of people, women and children can stand in the cold to receive us. Aafia rules the hearts of people. What is wrong with the leaders? When in America we hear about the injustice on Aafia our hearts bleeds and we Protest. We are here only for Aafia and to urge the urgency of her repatriation. I will talk to anyone anywhere who can help bring her back. It is a grave injustice that needs to be fixed every second is a shame said Ms. McKinney.

The incredible turnouts, the love, the emotion is overwhelming. We are confident that our efforts internationally, combined with yours will bear fruit and Aafia will be home.

The massive rally was attended by Doctors NGOs Engineers and members of the civil society.
Addressing the Rally Dr. Shah Nawaz president MK welfare trust, Rafique Khaskheli President Pasban Hyderabad, Altaf Shakoor, Mushtaq Siddiqui, Muhammad Taufiq, Shakil Sheikh, Mohd. javed, Afaque Ahmed, Adnan Bhattai, Zafar Khan, Mohd. Ayub and dignitaries lamented the pathetic efforts of the leadership and cold hearted attitude of political leaders, and praised the people of Pakistan who have proved we are a proud and honorable Nation.

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