Thursday , June 21 2018
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Chaudry brothers have committed political suicide:Hamza Shahbaz

Gujjrat: PML-N leader and member national assembly Hamza Shahbaz has said that Chaudries of Gujjrat have committed political suicide bymaking alliance with PPP,he was addressing a large public gathering in Gujjrat.Hamza Shahbaz said that loot and plunder era’s ending of chaudries is no far away.

While addressing the public meeting regarding bye-election of NA107Gujjrat,Hamza Shahbaz said people are facing worst energy crises due to Qatil League.Q-League is the natural allay of every dictator. Chaudries have named sherudeness,cleverness and making money the politics.

He said PML-N will sweep in bye elections as well as in forthcoming general elections too as it has public support and enjoying confidence of the masses too.He declared the Zardari government the worst and the most corrupt government of the Pakistani history.Hamza said that paistan and Zardai,chaudry alliance can not go together.People oust them by giving vote to the PML-N for development and progress in the country.

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