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Corruption and nepotism has badly damaged the country:Shah Mehmood Qureshi

Lahore: Vice Chairman of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf Shah Mahmud Qureshi has said that the corruption and nepotism has badly damaged and brought the country at the verge of disaster. Pakistan’s 132nd position in the international index is terrible which even after Bangla Desh and other countries who got freedom after us. Present rulers have no interest in the betterment of the common man and poor was being more poorer while power holders were busy to arrange the next political gimmick. He added that keeping in view all the scenario PTI has decided to put its all efforts to give reality to the slogan of change on the basis of now or never.

He was addressing different party meetings here in Gulberg and other areas of city. Shah Mahmud Qureshi said that Tehrik-e-Insaaf there are certain hurdles on the way to organize PTI at national level but it part and parcel of any political party and leadership was trying its level best to solve these issues amicably. He asked the workers to muster up their energies and work for the party with full zeal. He said that our political opponents were using their 70 per cent resources on the media campaign to defame PTI and every day they come with some new concocted scam. He said that the hardworking of Imran Khan of the last 16 years would now be fruitful and message of PTI would be in each corner of the country. He told that new mass contact campaign being designed soon to refresh workers at union council level.

Shah Mahmud Qureshi further said that tour of Imran Khan to Lahore would be important and many organizational matters would come under consideration. He said that Youth Convention of Nov. 04 would be helpful for young generation which is the real asset of PTI. He said that Tehrik-e-Insaaf has introduced new political culture in the society which other political parties were also compelled to follow. He said that those who got lap tops or prizes from the government were thankful to PTI who promoted such activities which were copied by the government, as well.

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